We’re Going to New Zealand!

For the past 6 months we have been going back and forwards, trying to decide on our next destination. With a year-long trip tentatively planned for the near future, going on a major holiday wasn’t really on the cards so we began to look at some smaller trips. First it was Hawaii, which we even made an itinerary for before we realised that our tastes were too expensive for our budget, then Vanuatu, then Hamilton Island, then Kununurra and finally, after a convincing dinner with some friends, we settled on New Zealand.

After a little bit of pre-planning, this week we took the plunge and booked some flights, which we hope were a reasonable price, and that’s that. In about a month and a half, we’ll be off exploring the South Island (Te Waipounamu) of New Zealand.

It’s amazing what happens to your mind when you actually take the step and make your first booking for a trip. For weeks we have known that New Zealand was the place and we have been getting ourselves excited but that excitement was nothing like what I am feeling right now – as soon as the booking was confirmed by the airline, I felt elated! Since, we have been giddy with anticipation – stealing excited glances, randomly exclaiming “we’re going to New Zealand”. Things are good.

I read an article recently that said that it takes two full weeks of holiday before a person actually ‘switches off’ from work. As we’ll be flying out on Monday, May 15 and returning on Friday, May 26, science says we won’t be getting enough of a break but I’m calling out their research – I’m already in holiday-mode!


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